BC Truffles

Truffle Association of British Columbia

About Our association

The Truffle Association of British Columbia is a group of producers, mycologists, and professional agrologists dedicated to the commercial truffle industry in British Columbia, Canada. The association was established in 2004 after a number of us decided to pool our resources to establish a sustainable Perigord truffle industry in the province. The goals of the association are to:

  • Pro-actively seek and apply technologies, practices and expertise to expand the body of knowledge about and enjoyment of truffles.
  • Promote the industry by emphasizing quality and principles that support the highest standards of products and services.
  • Enable the industry's domestic and international growth and competitiveness by assisting in the efficient, flexible and reliable delivery of truffles.
  • Protect and enhance local communities and natural environment by observing the highest standards of principles and practices in the introduction of new truffle species and technologies.
  • Be responsive to the public and industry needs, provide value to members and promote excellence to consumers.

A Tuber melanosporum (Perigord Black) Truffle